180 Piece

180 Piece puzzle - comes in a box with the image on top - Stockcard only - Choose any image from the website - We will contact you to help with selection if you are buying this size puzzle off the website
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120 Piece

A3 puzzle made to in any image on the website with a backboard - Stockcard Only
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1000 piece

1000 piece puzzle 71cm x 53cm - For the retired or the mentally alert who want to stay challenged - Comes in a box with the picture on top for easy storage
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252 piece

252 Piece Puzzle - A3 comes on heavy card stock with a picture on the top of the box for storage - For the retired and the Mentally alert who would like to stay challenged
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500 Piece

500 pce - A3 Size 42cm x 29cm- Made of strong cardboard comes with a picture of the puzzle in a neat box for easy storage - NO BACKING BOARD
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