Lacing Beads

30 Beads of different colours and varying shapes plus two laces red and green
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Sewing Block

A hand held wooden block with large holes and a long red string attached to a blunted sewing implement enables the resident to sew through the block to create different patterns Encourages a rhythmical and familiar fine motor movement Suitable for those who have periods of restlessness during the day
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Putty - with five various resistance levels indicated by different colours from XX soft to X firm Each colour may be used independently or as part of a progressive resistance exercise program
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Hand Therapy Balls - box of…

Includes a variety of five different tactile therapy balls Recommended for those in mid to later stages of dementia where the therapy balls offer slightly different sensations when either rolling balls along a table top or between fingers and hands for gentle exercise Please note styles and textures can vary depending on stock availability
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Lacing Wheel

Lacing wheel designed for the elderly - 17cm diameter - big holes - can be held in the hand for easy use - will come with two laces in different colours - weave both laces to get a coloured effect - use the inner circle of holes to create patterns or to increase the difficulty of the task - use for hand skills or as an engagement task - if you use a sewing block or lacing shapes in the past you might like the lacing wheel as an alternative tool with bigger holes - Two together could also be used to make EXTRA LARGE pom poms with wool but of course that is your choice - Lacing Square coming soon
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Lacing Shapes

A familiar lacing activity using shapes
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Hand Therapy Ball

A washable ball about the size of a tennis ball Recommended for hand therapy exercises of extension and strengthening
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