Measures 18cms in diameter Price is for one Made from pine wood and brass
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Wooden Castanets

Measures 20cms Makes an authentic percussion sound
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Measures 15cms with striker
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Price is for one pair Authentic sound from these colourful maracas
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Double Tone Block

Comes with striker Made from pine wood making a range of different tones - Price is for one
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Wrist Bells - set of four

Bells on coloured straps which can clip onto wrist or ankle with velcro Comes in a set of four
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Hand bells

Two brass bells with wooden handles Tap together to make bell sounds
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Wooden Shaker

Hand held shaker measures 20cms
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Music Set

A collection of instruments includes - drum - maracas - tambourine - Fish Guiro - single tone block - double tone block - Triangle - wrist bells
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Authentic percussion instrument 40cm longMakes a gentle sound when moved from side to side
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A harp can be used as calming tool - use it on a bed or give to a resident to reduce agitation - there is something about a harp which induces peace and tranquillity just by plucking the strings - Red in colour comes with carry bag 55cm in length - It is a classic sounding instrument include it in your music therapy programs
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Egg Maracas - 6 pk

Includes 12 egg maraca shakers in four colours
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Musical Bells - set of eight

Plays eight different musical tones Provides an alternate percussion instrument Easy to hold and brightly coloured Excellent for sing-a-longs
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Musical Bell

Musical bell Can be used as a call bell or as a individual musical instrument as a percussion sound
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Jingle stick

Wooden percussion instrument measures 22cms in length with handle 10cms Four small round cymbals make a bell sound when instrument shakenExcellent addition to any music session
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Sound Tubes

These colourful percussion tubes range in length from 30 cm to 61 cm - They are musical notes - You can compose a simple tune using them by yourself - use them to play together with a group or simply use as a drum for a sensory sound experience - If you like a musical program with a difference then this item might be for you - The large size of the tubes will engage the aged and stimulate individuals living with dementia -
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