Signage Card Set

Signs for 13 different locations around the home - Laminated signs includes the individual picture plus the English word and the equivalent word in twelve of the most common languages - Which are Arabic Croatian Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Italian Manderin Polish Russian Spanish - Signs can be placed in strategic areas around the home - English in stock other languages made to order
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Language Guide - communication…

A comprehensive communication aidContains 1600 of the well known words in daily life and in health care Is in English with corresponding pictures The book is illustrated in large print Includes road signs time clock numbers well known phrases and the sign language Is available in 40 other languages
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Language Cards

Laminated quick reference cards A5 size showing 28 of the most commonly used words in aged care Excellent communication aid Available in many different languages on request when orderingShows the English word with picture and word in chosen language eg Polish Dutch Malay Spanish Greek German Mandarin Serbia Vietnamese etc
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Quick Reference Cards -…

Contains 28 of the most commonly used words in dementia care specific to activities Words such as bingo music movies walk sit crafts toilet hairdresser bus trip shopping concerts Shown in English and one other language of your choice such as Croatian German Greek Polish Spanish Italian Mandarin and others Very useful tool to have to make communication a lot easier - Made to order only
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40 Languages - 250 Words - CD

Excellent Resource tool for those working in facilities with people from various cultural backgrounds If you are having trouble communicating use this CD to print off 250 common words to increase communication immediately
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