Movement to Music

CD - Narrated seated and standing gentle exercise to music -Two sessions tracks for different levels of ability - Assessment and supervision is recommended - Created by Robin Gallen - Recipient of Order of Australia Medal for Community Service and Health
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Tai Chi - A Way of Living

DVD Duration 21mins Presented in 3 formsShibashi - A combined form of Qigong and Tai ChiThe Happy Buddha - a short intensive styleThe White Lotus - A popular short form Suitable for elderly people
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Heartmoves A home based exercise DVD runs for approx 53mins - Sitting and standing exercises - Helps to reduce risk of health problems improves flexibility balance and builds stronger bones- Helps to reduce risk of falls give more confidence in mobility
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Traditional Marches

CD - Twelve popular marches by a stirring 30 piece band Excellent to encourage exercise or just to reminiscence with the old time band music Marches include The Billboard On the Mall Semper Fidelis Our Director The Thunderer National Emblem Washington Post Officer of the Day Colonel Bogey El Capitan American Patrol Stars And Stripes
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FUN Collection of Memories CD…

This is a Fun Feel Good Music Exercise CD - Purchase this if you want to bring out the Young at Heart in our Aged Friends - Tried and Tested - well received in the Country Facilities - If you can carry off a light hearted and inner child approach to music than this one is for you - Can be used as a seated exercise CD - Why not bring some children into the activity and engage in inter generational interaction - Songs include Polly Put the Kettle on - A Tisket A Tasket - If your happy and you know it- Its a Lovely Day Today- She will be coming round the mountain - Comes with Song book and suggestions for use - WITH A JOYFUL INTENTION THIS IS FUN - Guaranteed to bring on smiles and laughter
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