Tile Pattern

Recommended for residents in later stages of dementia - Consists of colored tiles of different shapes within a wooden tray 22cms x 22cms The tiles can be moved to make various patterns designs and mosaics - Similar to Design a Tile which was discontinued - No pictures supplied
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Sensory Dementia care Manual

Discovering the magic of sensory stimulation for people with Dementia By Sasha Boston Unlock the emotions of Dementia sufferers includes topics such as imagination smell touch sound aromatherapyvision movement taste and relaxation An excellent tool for those working with later stage dementia sufferers
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Path Finder

Different size blocks require the participant to sort and logically organise to complete the path - Task supports reasoning logic - Measures 17cm x 17cm - Comes with a small dice which has different colours on each side - Adapt for your participants use but designed for rolling dice which falls on a colour and the user trys to complete the path with the different size blocks to match - Could be completed by an individual or two people
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Colour Tones

This unique DVD uses purposeful colours with peaceful images to relax and put your mind in a meditative state - The music has embedded frequencies underlying each of the sound tracks which facilitate wellbeing - The music also has an added benefit of supporting a deep sleep at night - which is very noticeable straight away - The colours correspond to your bodies energy centres or chakras which MAY be an adjunct to healing -The DVD would be especially useful for those residents who are less engaged or difficult to interact with - Simply switch the DVD on and leave on - You may notice behaviour or calming benefits straight away or within 4 - 6 weeks of listening and watching - You dont need to do anything but turn it on and leave it on to see improvements over time - Colours or Chroma therapy is now being recognised to have a calming and meditative effect and when combined with these especially cleansing embedded music frequencies this DVD will have a combined effect
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Water Repaints

Add water to these 6 mature images and watch the picture come to life - Each tile fades after painting and can be reused again and again - Images fades as it dries - This is a relaxing and easy way for someone living with dementia to produce a piece of adult art - Butterfly- Balloon - Horse - Lavender - Fish - Bird - Approx size A4
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Flowers - Picture Book

44 Images with beautiful flowers - Hard copy book - each page has one word and the pages are numbered - Prepared by a nurse with extensive Aged care and work experience with people experiencing dementia - used to for those past comprehending a lot of text and can be used by the reader unaided - Good for individual or family interaction
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Engaging Activities

By Lauretta Kaldor 84 pages - A How to Manual on Providing Enjoyable Experiences for people living with Dementia - Includes Activities for different stages of dementia - Activities based on themes like - Around the Home - Grandparents - Collecting Things - Seasons and much more
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Mirror of Eden

Calming DVD with beautiful garden scenery and really relaxing healing music- I have to say that this DVD was so great and helped a lot to look after the residents in the memory support unit especially their behaviours - Testimonial from a current Nursing Home in South Australia
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Logic Blocks

Use this item to get a resident to sort patterns into sections - Make patterns - Associate likes - You could also trace shapes and make pictures for the resident to complete the picture - Consistent with montessori type activities
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Sense the Moment

Sense the Moment contains 180 memory provoking questions which will encourage a diverse range of conversations including a sense of fun and humour In addition there is an extra activity involving player participation with coloured discs that match the colours of the cards Instructions are included If you like Shake Loose a Memory you will like this ALL AUSTRALIAN produced memory reminiscence tool Questions focus on Nature Touch Taste Hearing Smell and Sight
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Memory Caps

Memory Caps used to enhance matching and memory skills You could add your own items eg coins or other textures Comes with coloured shapes 28cm x 23cm x 375cm
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Textured Balls

Four textured tactile balls - Wool like ball similar to a pom pom - Ball with enclosed squeezable pellets and a x 1Kushie Ball and a ball enclosed in a length of material which could be added to an apron or garment
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