Memory games for Groups

By Robin Dynes A comprehensive hand book featuring 80 memory games Can be graded in difficulty for use in one-to-one or group situations as part of a reminiscence or social activity Suitable for all levels of Aged care 178 pages
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Aboriginal Art Memory Game

A memory game with distinctive art work tiles -Wooden storage tray measures 40 x 30 cms -Improves memory and eye hand coordination -The winner is the player who collects the most pairs of tiles
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Aust Animal Match

This set includes x 30 pieces or x 15 matching sets of Australian animals - These are Pictures on wood to be used a memory game or can be used as a A3 collage - Each measures approx 9cm x 9cm - Made by Wisdom Activities
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Shake Loose More Memories

A game which with the aid of a facilitator is a fun way to stimulate discussion Comes with cards dice and instructions The dice is rolled to determine which numbered card is taken by the player The card is either kept or discarded by the player depending on their response to the question eg Keep this card if you have tossed a coin in a fountain The total points accumulated determines the winner
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Memory Word Card Match

Forty laminated cards twenty matching pairs in the set 14 x 10 cms Similar to the Concentration matching Game Cards are shuffled then given out to players The cards are then placed face down on the tableCards are then turned over two at a time when a match is found the pair are removed The person with the most patching pairs is the winner A game of memory and concentration which can be adjusted to the ability of each player
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Alphabet Set - Wood

Wooden Alphabet Set A-Z - Use for table word games - engaging a conversation - mind stimulation appropriate for capability - create words - Measures approx 6cm x 6cm each letter
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Sense the Moment

Sense the Moment contains 180 memory provoking questions which will encourage a diverse range of conversations including a sense of fun and humour Questions create associations with Nature Touch Taste Smell Hearing and Sight In addition there is an extra activity involving player participation with coloured discs that match the colours of the cards Instructions are included If you like Shake Loose a Memory you will like this ALL AUSTRALIAN produced memory reminiscence tool
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