Magnetic Wall Paper

Magnetic PAPER Measuring 80 x 60cm x 15 sheets This paper makes preparation easier IS PORTABLE EASY AND FLEXIBLE Can be placed on ANY wall using static and removed once the activity is over Use a white board marker to write letters on the paper wall - Totally re-useable Wisdom Activities uses it daily for our to do tasks
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Book of Common Prayer - DVD

Two Services on DVD - 30 Minutes each service - These services were recorded at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in East Melbourne - The words of the hymns prayers and responses are featured on screen
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Orientation Calendar

x 7 Days x 12 Months x 31 Calendar Days all In Large Print to use as orientation reminders for date days and months - Picture shows 3 Cards used as a display - Cards are laminated - cut to size to arrange daily - Call in if you want to add to this set - WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON WEATHER ICONS TO GO WITH SET - Pre order if you have an interest - Price to be Confirmed - we might be able to accommodate other requests - 03 8839 4602
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Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon
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Hospital Cards

40 Cards showing pictures of being in care or hospital - Visiting the doctor - Using a walker - wheelchair- Toilet - Washing Hands - Medication - Medical Equipment
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