Roadster Kit

Roadster Kit slightly more complex than fighter jet - 58 Pieces - 2 Boards - Pack says 2 hours to make - Made of balsa wood - Another item to keep a male resident occupied
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Fighter Jet & Quiz Book

Fighter Jet and Construction Kit and Quiz Book - Made of balsa wood - Pop out all the parts of the two wooden boards and start constructing a fighter jet- 2 Boards - 27 Pieces with description and numbers to assemble- For any age - Comes with 50 Question Quiz Book - Simple tool to engage the male resident
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Plane Model Making Kit

This is an unpainted raw wood kit - specifically designed for elderly to assemble with an achievable outcome - The kit comes with dowl parts which join to make the model plane old style- The kit can be dismantled and used again and again - Or you have the option to Paint and glue to keep as an ornament long term - The choice is yours - This would be good for early stage dementia memory stimulation - or for someone who wants a project to keep them busy
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Guy Card Match

6 A4 Cards each printed with similar footy emblem - wheelbarrow - grease can - sports ball - lawn mower - work tools etc - Sort into categories and find matches - Use as a thinking enabler to match similar pictures to each card - Pictures are alike but not identical - If you use this tool please ensure it is suitable task for the participants capability
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Sports Pk -12

Sports Pack of 12 Images - A3 - Motor Bike - Boat - Fireman - Pilot - Cars - Sporting Equipment - Football - Tractor - All images are simple and easy coloured or painted - Photocopy for longterm use
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Footy Snap

x 54 laminated cards - These are similar footy emblems - to keep the blokes in touch with the age old Aussie game - Measure 15cm x 10cm
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Tool Kit - Replica

Set is made up of 166 pieces - Use as a male discussion tool - memory provoker - rummage and fidget box - Measures 15cm x 19cm x 28cm -
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Just for the Blokes

An 83 page magazine devoted to Quizzes for the Blokes Crosswords and word searches covering movie music and historical focus All word games come in three different levels of difficulty covering topics such as cricket aviation cars motorcycles golf farming and sports Available in printed format or as a PDF document Printed Price Shown on Website
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Golf Putter

Brightly coloured Golf putter - ORANGE ONLY 85cm with two golf balls - Can be used indoor - Something for the guys to keep them concentrating and relaxing and to pass time - Give them a floor cup to aim for a hole in one
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