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Understanding diversional therapy activities for the elderly 

What is Diversional Therapy?

The new concept of designing diversional therapy activities for elderly people was to support and challenge individuals while having fun. Using recreational programmes is a fantastic way to raise the self- esteem of the elderly as it gently guides them through a rehabilitation process. The feeling of success in completing an activity can be an incredible motivator, and Wisdom Activities believe that including these simple exercises into everyday routines will achieve great results. By having a range of different options available for people to choose from, it can also encourage the elderly to be involved in the decision making process. Being given a chance to decide how to spend their leisure time is shown to increase their involvement in the game or activity.

Diversional Therapy activities and ideas

The most successful options have been ones that appeal to a person’s sense of smell, touch and sound, as well as their sense of humour. Sensory activities such as hand therapy balls and sound boxes are acknowledged by our experienced staff to increase participation. Our lacing beads and sewing blocks are also available for those who are a bit more restless, and are interested in increasing their fine motor movement. We also have massage and aromatherapy oils for advancing the sense of smell, which is known to help with memory and concentration.

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