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Great new ideas for floor games for elderly people

Are you looking for some great new games to increase activity and mobility with the elderly? The team here are Wisdom Activities have plenty of ideas for floor games specifically for the elderly, sure to keep absolutely everyone involved. Whether you need to get the whole range for great games of indoor activities or just a few new pieces of equipment to add some new flavor to your already existing materials, we have the products for you.

Tournament Idea!

Here’s a great new idea that is seeing a lot of ongoing success in nursing homes and aged care facilities. Why not hold an ongoing tournament? Choose one of our great floor games for elderly participants, draw up a board and make it an event. Tournaments are a great way to get people looking forward to their activities, knowing that they can focus on perfecting their skills and want to keep coming back for more. Our croquet, golf and dart games are ideal for a tournament set up.

Game Night!

Bring a bit of casino flair into your next activity night with our horse racing game and two-up set. Combine these fun activities with our bingo set to make a game night that no one will want to miss. It is easy to get large groups involved with one person leading, perfect for getting new people involved. Instigate discussions and debates and see new friendships flourish.