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Bingo for Seniors

Rummikub Word Game

Beetle Game

Large Snakes & Ladders

Large Vision Scrabble

H1 - Great new ideas for table games for elderly people

Have you been trying to find some fresh new ways to get your elderly friends or patients involved and active? Wisdom Activities have put their experienced staff to the task to put together this great catalogue of table games for elderly participants, guaranteed to bring a smile to every face. We have exactly what you need, whether you’re looking for a couple of new pieces of equipment to supplement your growing stock of materials or an entire set up to get started with.

H2 - Start a Conversation!

Board games are the most popular table games for elderly people for a reason. They are a great way of getting people sitting down together, instigating discussions and giving people an excuse to find out more about each other. We have the ever popular game of Scrabble to Snakes and Ladders for ways to give a sense of childhood nostalgia, and the great new Shake Loose A Memory, which is perfect for getting people talking about their life experiences and exchanging stories,

H2 - Great for Groups Big and Small

Whether you’re looking for activities for people on their own or large groups, Wisdom Activities have the products that you need. Our extensive catalogue has cards, perfect for a small gathering, or sets for bigger crowds. Why not get everyone together for a great night of bingo? Bingo is an old favourite that is sure to bring out new faces and get everyone involved.