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Wooden Sound Box


Memory Card Set - Two of a Kind

Sequence Picture ADL Cards

Hand Therapy Balls - set of six


Get positive results with therapeutic games for the elderly

One of the most important concepts that the team here at Wisdom Activities hold dear is that games aren’t just fun, they can be a form of therapy. It can be difficult to get elderly people involved in therapeutic activities as they can be repetitive. Therapy items can sometimes be difficult to engage people in. So in order to combat this issue, Wisdom Activities have put together a range of therapeutic games for elderly people that disguise their therapeutic qualities by being so much fun.

One of our most popular product ranges is our garden products and activities. Watching the progress from seeds to blooms gives us an amazing feeling of pride in ourselves, helping to bring new life and colour into any area. The product range includes easy-grip and long reach equipment, informative books on our customer favourite raised or sensory gardens. Cultivate activity, and see results from increased mobility and mental positivity.

Our product range also includes materials for therapeutic games for elderly people who have decreased mobility or sensory awareness. These supplies are ingredients for fun and can be used in countless ways, so you never get bored. If you are looking for ideas of ways to use these tools efficiently, feel free to give us a call at any time. We also stock materials to help you organize your activities with program calendars and program boards.