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Word Games: ideal for the elderly

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find activities for elderly people, as ranges of motion and energy always differ from person to person. Wisdom Activities have found great success with our range of word games for the elderly, receiving positive results and lots of smiles. All of our games are designed with the elderly in mind, with large lettering and simple set ups. Whether you want to add some new flair to your already existing stack of games or need to get everything for a new start, Wisdom Activities has exactly what you need.

Get people talking!

Don’t let language be a barrier between making new friends. If you have patients with English as a second language, we have a great range of materials to help ease communication. Our Language cards and guides are stacked with commonly used words and phrases to help facilitate discussion. These cards are also perfect to help those suffering from dementia.

Bring People Together

Our range of word games for the elderly are ideal for bringing together large groups of people and keeping everyone entertained. Make a trivia night with one of our quiz books, covering history, animals and sports,  getting teams of people working together to find the answer. Use our giant magnetic crossword board as a standing feature, always ready to be solved one word at a time. Great for keeping people thinking all the time and engaging with their surroundings.