SEPT: A Father's Strength is in his Presence

Wisdom Activities will ALWAYS service our original, loyal and longterm Western Australian customers. If you need some extra Wisdom TLC call in and talk to us. Distance is no barrier; in lifestyle terms DISTANCE is simply an eight letter word you can use in crossword.

News this Month:

Price Reductions:   Memory Joggers - Reminiscence  Quiz & Puzzle Books - Lets Talk Cards

                                  This is due to a supplier change, so we are passing on the savings

Thinking Enablers:         New Diversional Therapy Engagement Tools - Odd One Out

Emotional Awareness:   Lets Talk Resilience

Board Games:                 Fact or Crap Trivia with Attitude

Have a look around the website there are new items in a few categories. If your short of time go to LATEST PRODUCTS and scroll all the way down for a quick overview of the whole website.

What's New - See Our Links to PDF below

10 New Items November                3 Free Ways to Sequence Any Puzzle                                     

10 New Items October                    New Water Re Paints              

10 New Items September              

10 New Items June                          

10 New Items May                   


Website Changes - Invoice My Facility

You can now place an order with a Purchase Order Number for a 30 Day account.

When you place an order via the website you have an option to select INVOICE MY FACILITY. However to proceed with this option please supply a Purchase Order number and / or a reference Name. This is only for established facilities and organisations.

If you are a member of the public purchasing from the website; I'm afraid items will only be dispatched with a prior Credit Card or Direct Transfer payment.

Update -  ALL Large Wood Work Games Can Now Be Made as of May 2017

Please note due to the BUSINESS CLOSURE of our previous woodwork supplier we have had to look for alternative options. The reality is QUALITY Australian manufacturers have DECLINED the production of this work because there is no return on investment. To retain sustainability we are making changes to your supply terms.

Wisdom Activities has secured a committed skilled tradesman who is willing to create quality items for our Aged Friends but there are variables which MAY impinge on consistent stock supply. We will do everything we can to get stock out on time with an order, but if we can't you will be given two options when purchasing. 

1. Wait for your whole order to be dispatched with freight charged at cost.  OR

2. Dispatch in stages again at cost based on your facilities decision to take some of the stock earlier. 

Realistic turnaround times for woodwork items could be between 3 - 4 weeks from the date of order. This is a worst case scenario. You can minimize costs by planning or preordering for monthly budgets in advance, advising of a preferred delivery date, waiting a little longer for your whole order, buying two wood items at a time or alternatively getting your handyman to make the items internally.

Large wood items and activities facilitate group interaction, and social engagement which technology will never be able to do. It's important we keep them available.

The changes we are attempting to make are based on observing a need, working towards user end requirements and putting ourselves in the shoes of an elderly person and their mature experienced mind.