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Hand Roller (Weight and Colour Options)

Hand Roller (Weight and Colour Options)

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These rollers are beautifully weighted and smooth. Come in a zip up black case for great storage.

Rotate in your hand, roll between your palms or roll to massage are three great ways you can use them. To gain an idea of how they feel to use - if you have some fat textas on hand place two in the same hand, side by side, and rotate around themselves.

Also helpful for hand function & we have had great outcomes using with individuals with dementia, Parkinson's, MS and other hand function difficulties.

We get asked frequently if these are helpful for carpel tunnel.  It is important to seek your treating dr/ therapists opinion, but often they can be helpful. 



Black 305gram Smooth hand roller

305 grams hand roller is one of the heavier versions in our range of hand rollers.  It functions as both a weighted product and fidget. It is our most recommended weight for teens and adults clinically (unless there is hand function issues for example).


Oil Slick 145gram Mini Smooth Hand Roller

Smaller both in length and diameter than our original hand rollers, these feel amazing in the hand and are not too large for the pocket. It is likely for large hands these will feel too small, but perfect for average to small adult hands and for children. 

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