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Shape OR Colour Dominoes: Large (16 x 7cm)

Shape OR Colour Dominoes: Large (16 x 7cm)

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Shape Dominoes or Colour Dominoes.
Your kit is made up of 28 pieces. To play, shuffle all dominoes and arrange face down. Each player takes seven dominoes. The person holding a double tile starts the activity by placing the double tile (two identical shapes on the same tile) on the table. If no one has a double tile, all tiles are returned to the pile and the players start again. The next player, the person to the right, places a matching dominoes tile (same shape). If the player does not have a match, they must draw a tile from the leftover plie. Then the turn moves on to the next player. When the leftover pile is used up the game continues until the players can no longer match either end of the dominoes tile on the table. The winner is the first player to match all of their tiles or the player with the fewest remaining dominoes when the game ends. Each Piece measures 16 x 7cm. Large and visually enhanced

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