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Cuff Attachment (for Easi-Grip Garden Tools)

Cuff Attachment (for Easi-Grip Garden Tools)

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For those with very limited strength in their hand or wrist, this simple Arm Support Cuff can make a world of difference when gardening. The aluminium rod plugs into the back of any Easi-Grip® garden tool and allows the gardener to use the strength of the forearm for all gardening activity, reducing stress on hand and wrist. Customers are always amazed at what a difference this can make and can bring accessibility to gardening to a many more. When used with our Add-On Handles this can make some two-handed activities possible using just one hand!  

    Plastic moulded cuff

    Can be fitted to any Easi-Grip® garden tool to allow the strength of the forearm also to be used. Takes weight away from the wrist to make working even easier for those with very weak hands and wrists

    Soft-feel lining

    Gives greater comfort and prevents chafing on the arm

    Plug in rod

    Means the cuff is interchangeable between tools. Only one needs to be purchased per user

    Attaches securely to garden tool

    Tool will remain with gardener even if grip is released. Ideal for gardeners with Dementia as a physical reminder of the task at hand
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