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Wisdom Activities

Everyday Joys Colouring Books

Everyday Joys Colouring Books

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A therapeutic activity for people in the early-mid stages of dementia, Relish colouring books aim to engage, stimulate, and relax minds. Everyday Joys features age-appropriate images reminiscent of the simple delights of daily life, which may stir up memories and inspire conversations. Designed alongside people with dementia, this activity features strong outlines and sample imagery to nudge artists along.
Product features:

27 x A4 pages
Moderate details, ideal for early stages of dementia
Meaningful age-appropriate pictures
Interesting facts for inquisitive minds
Coloured sample image guide
Dementia-friendly art activity
A soothing activity that stimulates minds
Two colouring books available

Please note, pencils are not included with colouring books

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