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Flipper TV Remote

Flipper TV Remote

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Flipper Remote is an easy-to-use large button universal remote, designed for elderly or partially-sighted users allowing control of their own viewing experience.

The stylish yet functional design features large tactile, high visibility buttons and non-abbreviated labels for easy use. The set up can be locked to prevent accidental reprogramming. Requires two AAA batteries.

Key Features:
- Large, Tactile, Easy to Read Buttons
- Non-Abbreviated Button Descriptions
- Dual Function - Controls TV and Set Top Box
- Works with all Australian TVs
- Works with Foxtel IQ and Fetch TV
- Lockable to prevent accidental reprogramming
- Learning Function. Can learn any device.

PLEASE NOTE: Flipper Remote is designed to make TV easy, like it used to be! It does not have play/pause, or navigational buttons, so it is not suited for watching streaming services or pausing live TV etc. It is purely designed for navigating Broadcast Channels (Free to Air, Foxtel, Fetch etc..), Volume and ON/OFF. It will work perfectly on so called "Smart TVs" from all brands, but only for changing channels, volume and power. It does not support the Smart functions of such a TV such as watching Netflix etc...

Requires two x AAA batteries (not included). 12 Months warranty.

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