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Magnetic Picture - The Baking Cupboard

Magnetic Picture - The Baking Cupboard

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This collection of beautifully illustrated magnetic pieces invites people with dementia to create a comforting scene. Whether making freshly baked bread for the week or a Victoria Sponge for a special occasion, baking was always enjoyed by the whole family. Discover all the staple ingredients of an avid baker, in one stylish pantry.

Magnetic Picture Boards
The Relish Magnetic Picture Boards have been designed to delight people with mid-late stage dementia. Retro illustrated pieces are specially designed to elicit fond memories, create scenes worthy of conversation or can stimulate conversations on their own. There is no right or wrong way to engage with this activity.

Bold colours aid visibility and large, easy-to-handle pieces and can be placed onto the high quality picture board with powerful magnets. An ideal activity for those who struggle to complete puzzles, this activity provides the same sense of accomplishment.

Conversation prompts are included with the board. This activity does not only inspire happy memories, such as the smell of mum’s fresh-baked brownies, or past baking debacles, but it can reignite interest in old skills, or spark interest in new and related activities.


  • The Baking Cupboard is perfect for somebody living with mid-late stages of dementia.
  • Reminisce with loved ones about their favourite hobbies.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment by arranging the magnetic pieces into familiar scenes.
  • There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the activity.
  • Give the perfect gift and don’t worry – there is no mention of dementia on the packaging.
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