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Moving For Life Your Way (Book)

Moving For Life Your Way (Book)

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Moving for Life Your Way is an evidence-based home exercise book to improve your independence and wellbeing.
Physical activity is good for health, but did you know how important strength and balance exercises are for maintaining independent living? The exercises in this book will improve your Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Joint mobility With Moving for Life Your Way you can exercise at home by yourself, with a family member, friend, or support person.
It's convenient, fun, and affordable! Featuring over 30 exercises that allow you to go at your own pace and exercise when you want, without needing to buy expensive equipment and no need to travel to exercise venues. There are safe, simple, and effective exercise options to suit your abilities.
Track your progress in the book. With over 75 pages of information and exercises, you will start feeling the benefits immediately! These exercises in this book will delay frailty, maintain independent living, reduce your risk of falling, and help you to keep doing the things that are important to you! No matter what your age! If we don't keep active, everyday activities become harder to do. Then moving becomes harder and we move even less, making things even worse. This is known as the spiral of decline. Moving for Life Your Way can help you reverse this downward spiral—it is never too late!

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