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Multi-Match: Categories (Card Game)

Multi-Match: Categories (Card Game)

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Comprising two sets of identical pairs, Multi-Match has been designed for a variety of uses matching tasks and activities. The complete collection comprises 96 pairs of images giving a total of 192 cards which are categorised into two areas: complex and simple.
There are a number of ways you can use these cards, such as sorting them by colour,  by pattern and shapes, same and different, what's missing, etc. 
Card examples include black, hairdryer, cup & saucer, mobile phone, portable stereo, jug, socks, toothpaste, scarf, paints, plates, coins, clock, dog, mugs, dice, and dominoes.
The Hard Box comes with instruction book and suggestions for various levels of capabilities. The book demonstrates how cards can be used for matching pictures and objects, grouping, listening activity, odd one out, What's Different, Snap and Pairs. This is a versatile kit to have on hand. Cards Measure 9 x 9cm.

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