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Among My Souvenirs - Choir Implementation Guide

Among My Souvenirs - Choir Implementation Guide

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Among My Souvenirs is a comprehensive music activity handbook and CD pack of over 50 familiar and modern songs by Dr Loretta Quinn, a registered music therapist.
This a  guide to conducting choirs for the benefit of people living with dementia - Chapters facilitate use of a Choir instead of sing a long - Who is suitable to participate - setting goals for people with dementia - practice sessions - preparing for a performance- includes a CD with music specifically prepared for this type of choir - It strips the music back to basics making it an achievable experience aimed at appropriate capabilities - 51 well known songs to draw on - You dont need experience for this CD pack - you only need enthusiasm and a will to implement it
This pack is written and designed for non-musical professionals and primary carers, and incorporates a positive interactive and effective program, providing a literal step-by-step guide on how to implement the program. Each chapter also includes information on word cueing instruments and singing.
Highly recommended for later-stage dementia. This also has instructions for later-stage dementia.

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