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Music for Dreaming x 2 CD pack

Music for Dreaming x 2 CD pack

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This music is a unique combination of music and medical research to assist with rest and deep relaxation.  

Initially developed and successfully sold around the world to assist mothers and babies with calmness and unwinding, it can be transferred to a mature context in an aged care setting and is perfect for palliative care.

Timeless familiar melodies, like Beautiful Dreamer and Scarborough Fair, are performed by the Music for Dreaming ensemble, bringing together musicians from the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 

Designed with 60 minutes of continuous music, this instrumental double album creates a sense of peace and quiet. Pure acoustic sound replicates the rhythm of a resting heartbeat, and natural sleep cycles are easily realised—achieving an alpha or theta relaxation state is beneficial to our bodies with regular use.

This double CD will instill calm in agitated residents, settle end-of-day anxiety. It can also be used as background music for a relaxation dialogue. 

  Allow your residents to rest with peace and dream with pleasure. (Medically Proven since 2006.)  
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