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Reminiscence Cue Cards: Life Events 50s & 60s

Reminiscence Cue Cards: Life Events 50s & 60s

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This set of 36 A5 Cards cards looks back to everyday moments in the 50s and 60s, and possessions and activities that were familiar during that time.
Use in conjunction with life history work sessions to facilitate and develop discussion. Designed to help users to recall people, events, experiences and stories from the past, these realistic images bring memories to life and to share with others! Provide opportunities for socialising, persevering memory, and creating a personal life history.
Particularly suitable to use in day centres, memory clinics and other groups.
EXAMPLES OF CARDS INCLUDE: Record player, Reel-to-reel tape recorder, Playing pat-a-cake, Saturday morning cinema, Hopscotch drawn on the pavement, 50s train carriage.
Comes with an accompanying booklet detailing ways to use the cards boxed.

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