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Sleep Unit - Meditation & Relaxation - Morphee

Sleep Unit - Meditation & Relaxation - Morphee

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Designed to help adults fall asleep easily, and quickly. This unit features various guided meditation & relaxation music techniques designed, tested and validated by overseas sleep experts.

The unit will naturally reduce stress and anxiety and improve a user's sleep. It is non digital for optimal efficiency so perfect for everyone; whether your living with dementia, neuro diversity, residential care or at home.

Choose from English, French, Spanish and Italian voice overs.

Choose From 8 Relaxation Techniques!

Each theme contains 8 sessions with 2 durations (8 or 20 minutes) & you can choose from either a Male / Female voiceover. In all there are 72 Individual sessions to select from. Sessions inc;

Body scan
Heart coherence
Relaxing music
Nature sounds
The wooden cover protects the unit and also serves as a base. You can place the unit anywhere. It could shared betweenresidents rooms or used in small groups with the speaker.

Other features include;

3 Hours battery in “Ready Mode”
Portable with integrated speaker
Ear-phone optional port for private use
Easy click, session key choice.
Lightweight & uncomplicated design for bedrooms
Turns itself off at the end of the session.
Non-digital - No screen, internet or bluetooth. It is completely non-digital and easy for elderly to use.

Specifications: Includes; Charger and Booklet

Works with batteries or plugged in
10 x 7 cm
240 g
Also Available Sleep Unit for Children

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