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Sing-A-Long: Songs of the Heart (DVD)

Sing-A-Long: Songs of the Heart (DVD)

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Each volume features over 150 interesting and engaging images to trigger and encourage memory and conversation.
An hour of popular songs performed by Georgina Rae in keys and at a pace easy to follow. On screen lyrics, free large print songbooks and 150+ engaging pictures.
Features 100+ beautiful pictures of dancers twirling to the Tennessee Waltz, road trips in vintage cars, weddings, sunsets, and rainbows to describe and enhance well-known songs from the '50s and '60s and stimulate memory and conversation! 15 country-style well-known American songs, including Tennessee Waltz, Crazy, Irish Lullaby, Who's Sorry Now, Que Sera Sera, Catch a Falling Star. Includes CD with songbook which can be printed.
Duration 60 minutes.

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