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Wisdom Activities

Wordsearch Level 1 & 2

Wordsearch Level 1 & 2

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For a daily dash of dopamine, this brain game is the perfect companion to morning tea time. The Relish Wordsearch includes 60 different dementia-friendly word puzzles at two different challenge levels. Players will be delighted at the relatable and reminiscent themes and proud of their ability to spot the hidden words within the grid. Spot them vertically or horizontally. The large and legible lettering, contrasting colours and placement within the grid, are all product details designed and successfully tested alongside people with dementia. We suggest players start at level 1 where the reduced grid size allows for easier word finding. Once a player feels encouraged by their success they can move onto level 2.
Key product features:

A4 booklet
60 x individual word puzzles
Level 1: 8 x 8 letter grid
Level 2: 14 x 14 letter grid
Meaningful words grouped into relatable topics
Reduced letters and words in the grid allow for easier spotting
Large legible letters support vision impairment
Contrasting colours
Dementia-friendly word puzzle

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